T46 ANSSEMS GT750 – 6ft 9in x 3ft 6in

T46 Anssems GT750

Trailer 46 – from £719 excluding VAT – (£863 inc VAT)

Approx Size: 6ft 9in x 3ft 6in x 14in (2060mm x 1050mm x 350mm)

Gross Capacity: 15 cwt (750Kg)

This high quality finished trailer comes complete with a galvanised frame, aluminium body and phenolic coated plywood base. They come ready-built from the factory in Germany. The clever design of this robust trailer along with 13-inch wheels makes it the ideal trailer for long-distance towing. There are a whole host of extas that can be fitted – jockey wheel, 4ft/120 cms high cover and frame; ladder rack; top rail; solid side extension kit; hinged, lockable lid and flat cover.

Uses: Medium/Heavy duty, Builders, Diy

Features: 13inch wheel, Phenolic floor, Aluminium sides, Tailgate

Optional Extras: Security lock, Spare wheel & carrier, hinged lockable lid.