T91C GOODS TRAILER 8ft 5ins x 4ft5ins (2600mmx1350mm)

T91C Goods Trailer 8ft 5ins x 4ft 5ins (2600mmx1350mm), gross capacity 15cwt (750Kg)

T91 Base trailer exc jockey wheel £1349

T91C Trailer with mesh cage fitted inc jockey wheel £1994


  • Comes with Certificate of Conformity
  • Wide enough to take 8×4 sheets
  • Constructed from galvanised steel with high quality non slip floor
  • Front and rear gates open
  • Tipping body
  • 13″ wheel
  • High quality Knott suspension axle
  • Also available as twin axle see T91B


  • 48mm jockey wheel
  • Solid side extension
  • Mesh cage extension sides
  • Spare wheel
  • Flat pvc cover
  • Adjustable galvanised ladder rack

2 Replies to “T91C GOODS TRAILER 8ft 5ins x 4ft5ins (2600mmx1350mm)”

  1. Hello,

    We have one of your 8ft trailers with the single axle. We are looking to replace the axle, wheels, suspension and jockey and wonder if we can order everything through yourselves to pick up?
    Many thanks,

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