T23 TRADESMAN TRAILER 7ft 6ins x 4ft 3ins

A fully galvanised trailer easy to move about.

Prices from: £779 excluding VAT – (£935 including VAT)

Approximate external size: 7ft6ins x 4ft 3in (2300mm x 1300mm)

Gross capacity: 15 cwt (750Kg)


  • Comes with Certificate of Conformity
  • Wide enough to take 8×4 sheet material
  • Constructed from galvanised steel
  • Comes ready made to tow away
  • Rear gate opens
  • Tipping body
  • A-frame drawbar which facilitates reversing
  • Fitted with 13-inch wheels as standard for safer towing
  • High quality Knott suspension axle

Extra options:

  • Heavy duty 48mm jockey wheel £32.99 + VAT
  • Spare wheel £68.99 + VAT
  • Flat PVC welded cover £68.99 + VAT
  • Mesh cage extension £339 + VAT
  • Adjustable galvanised ladder rack £76.99 + VAT

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